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Glow was originally founded on belief in a rich, diverse media environment — one where content creators are rewarded for their work and can focus their time and effort on making more of it. 

Thus, Glow gives creators the tools to turn their content into a sustainable business, making it easy to earn revenue directly from their audiences.

In 2021, Glow joined Libsyn to bring the Glow product — which makes it simple for any podcaster to build a membership program — to a broad base of podcasters, big and small. This partnership was a key step in Libsyn’s blueprint to provide all the tools podcasters need to succeed at every level. 

In 2022 Libsyn customers will able to easily take advantage of Glow’s world-class suite of tools to build and monetize a membership program from within the Libsyn platform.

The team at Libsyn is fully committed to keeping Glow available to all podcasters. However, the advantages and ease of using Glow and Libsyn is only expanding in the future.

We’re excited about the future of Glow 
and hope you’ll join us in the journey. 

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