All Things Glow Announced as a Spotify Open Access Partner

Glow and could not be more excited to be announced as a partner leveraging the new Spotify Open Access Platform (OAP).

Glow joins Libsyn

We founded Glow because we believe in a rich, diverse media environment--one where creators get paid for their work and have easy access to the tools to turn their work into a sustainable business.Today, we’re taking a major step towards making that vision a reality.

Thank you for supporting Podapalooza!

Just a few weeks ago, we announced Podapalooza, a podcast festival for COVID relief. Podapalooza launched last weekend in partnership with 100+ podcasters show showcased their work for the event. We're proud to announce that we collectively raised over $21,000.

Announcing Podapalooza: A Virtual Podcast Festival for COVID Relief

For the last three weeks, our team at Glow has been cooking up a project alongside some friends in the podcasting community and a nonprofit called GiveDirectly. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to find a way to make a positive contribution in the context of something we all love, podcasts.

Host a Virtual Happy Hour for your Audience

A thoughtful, fun way to engage your audience in the era of self-quarantine is a virtual happy hour. Here's the to-do list for organizing and hosting your virtual happy hour with less than 24 hours notice.

The Math Behind Membership

Data-driven insights on the questions that podcasters are constantly wondering when building membership programs: how much can I make, how much should I charge, and how do I grow my membership?

28 Membership Ideas to Engage Your Listeners

Building out a membership for your podcast listeners? Here are 28 ideas to spark inspiration.

Growing a podcast membership base takes time. Here's your game plan:

This is chapter four of Glow’s Membership Launch Playbook, a four-part guide that covers brainstorming, building, launching, and growing a podcast membership.

Ready, set, launch! Announcing your new membership to the world

This is chapter three of Glow’s Membership Launch Playbook, a four-part guide that covers brainstorming, building, launching, and growing a podcast membership.

How the The Upside with Callie and Jeff grew their membership from 0 to 100 overnight, using email

Using their email newsletter, Jeff and Callie connected directly with their biggest fans to answer this question. And in doing so, they gained their first 100 members.

How to build a membership for your podcast

You have an awesome idea of what your biggest fans will pay for. Now, let’s take this idea and design a membership program.

How to come up with membership content your listeners will love (and pay for)

This is chapter one of Glow’s Membership Launch Playbook, a four-part guide that covers brainstorming, creating, launching, and growing a podcast membership. To stay updated on the rest of the guide, subscribe here.

How Zack Woods is Building The Curator's Plate, a Premium Podcast Membership

Dig In is a podcast about hospitality – restaurants, bars, companies that shape our experiences around food and service. In the words of host Zack Woods, Dig In “tells the stories of owners, operators, curators of America’s hottest hospitality concepts.” 

We’re making it free for podcasters to collect listener support

We’re no longer charging to process payments at Glow. Starting today, if you use Glow only to collect listener support, you will pay credit card processing fees, and nothing more.

How Twenty Thousand Hertz built an ad-free membership with Glow

By creating an ad-free membership program with Glow, Twenty Thousand Hertz enables their most passionate fans to listen to their show, pay, and return to the show they love with ads removed seamlessly.

Podcast Live Events Will Bring In Over $55m This Year

Most measurements of the size of the podcast industry only take into account ad spend, but podcasts are earning an increasingly significant share of their revenue from non-advertising related sources.

Announcing New Features from Glow: One-time and Annual Payments

Here at Glow, we’re on a mission to make it easy for fans to pay for their favorite podcasts.

6 Takeaways from Podcast Movement 2019

So far, Podcast Movement 2019 was full of industry insight and awesome podcasts. Here are some of the most important takeaways:

Tim Ferriss’ Experiment and the Rise of Direct Monetization in Podcasting

Yesterday, Tim Ferriss announced a six-month experiment: he’ll stop taking sponsors for his podcast, and switch to a donation-only model.