28 Membership Ideas to Engage Your Listeners

Photo by Elice Moore on Unsplash

The Glow team has put together a list of exclusive content ideas that you could offer to your listeners when they sign up as supporters of your podcast. Inspired by the work of some of our Glow-ers, take a look at some of the ideas below and see if any of them could fit into your exclusive offering approach...

  • Raw, uncut interviews with podcast guests
  • Deep-dives into topics. Acquired offers bonus episodes with deep-dives into company-building topics for aspiring CEOs.
  • Access to episode archives 
  • Summary newsletters with key talking points from the show
  • Early access to new episodes 
  • An ad-free version of your podcast. Twenty Thousand Hertz offers ad-free episodes for $2 per month.
  • Extended versions of your regular podcast. Real Estate Investing For Women offers extended interviews with guests.
  • Featured on a call-in only show
  • Ability to submit questions and access a monthly Q&A episode with the host
  • Self-publish an audiobook
  • Access to an eBook
  • Audio versions of a newsletter
  • Members-only tracks or access to music
  • Access to music playlists that you’ve mentioned on your podcast 
  • The ability to contribute to a philanthropic cause 
  • Weekly recipe guides, sent out over email
  • Monthly group coaching calls or webinars, offering group instruction, Q&A’s/AMA’s, studio tours, etc.
  • A limited-run series of exclusive episodes that fit a theme. The Entrepreneurial You offers an 18-episode series on entrepreneurship for a one-time cost.
  • Share your production methods for any fans of yours who might want to start their own podcast
  • Offer deals or exclusive access for your own or your guests’ merchandise during your podcast
  • Partner with one of your advertisers to offer their exclusive offerings
  • Access to exclusive group chat (Slack or Discord) with podcast hosts
  • Personal messages and shout-outs to listeners (birthday messages, thank you’s, write-ins, social media mentions) 
  • The ability to submit ideas for episodes or potential guests via a form or a community poll
  • Featuring your listeners’ social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) when they relate to a topic that you discussed on your podcast 
  • Access or discounts for live events and community meet-ups
  • Video tour of your podcast studio
  • Commentaries on the making of recent episodes
  • Featuring your fans’ work on your podcast, helping to advertise their projects, creative work, businesses, etc..
  • One-on-one coaching, advising or instruction.Incorporate a member in an episode of your podcast
  • Automated texts or push-alerts to keep your listeners up-to-date on the news that they care about (i.e. gameday alerts for sports podcasts, market movements for investing podcasts, et cetera) 
  • For professional podcasts, opportunity to pre-qualify members and connect them with unique networking contacts in your industry; organizing local meet-ups amongst your community will help to expand your presence with your listeners 
  • Podcast-branded merchandise. Callie and Jeff offer branded pins to turn their members into brand ambassadors  

Any of these exclusive content ideas can be mixed and matched to your interests and podcasts so that you can create your own unique approach for exclusive content offerings. We know that these ideas won’t be the end of your journey to building an a membership, but we hope they can be a jumping-off point for you and your podcast as you develop your strategy. 

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