Integrate Glow with Your Membership

Bring exclusive podcasts to your membership experience

Engage your members with exclusive podcasts, delivered seamlessly through their podcast player.

Why engage your members with podcasts?

Podcasting is the fastest growing way that people consume media in 2020.  According to Edison Research, a third of Americans listen to podcasts monthly, and 22% listen to podcasts weekly.

Podcasts form an intimate connection between creators and listener.  The familiar voice of a host nestled in the listener’s ear creates a bond that brings listeners back week after week. This level of engagement increases customer retention and raises the lifetime value of your customers.

I've been searching for years for a seamless way to deliver my daily CoachCast exclusively to my audience. Glow integrates into my workflow and makes it possible to reach my listeners in their favorite podcast players.”

JB Glossinger,
Author and podcaster of MorningCoach

How Glow works

For your members, it’s simple.

When a member signs up for your program, Glow will automatically send them an email with a unique link to get their members-only podcast.

After clicking the link, with two simple taps listeners can add this private feed to most any podcast app.  With our seamless experience, listeners need not copy RSS feeds and figure out where to paste team.

Now, your members will get their podcast right in the podcast app of their choice.

Secure, private podcast hosting

Not all hosts are made the same. Glow’s secure, private hosting is built for member-only access to podcasts.

Most hosts are created to make your audio easily shareable. When you upload your content, the hosting service generates a URL that can be found on the open web and often by Google. When you upload your content to Glow’s hosting service, it’s not accessible by anyone except your members.

Additional features