Turn your biggest fans into revenue-generating members

Build a membership program from scratch that delivers exclusive podcasts and other benefits beautifully.

Everything you need to run a membership program your listeners love

Glow does the heavy lifting of running a subscription business for you, so you can concentrate on creating quality content.

We've made it simple and easy for your listeners to pay you, access your exclusive content, and listen in their favorite app -- all in less than 30 seconds. Set up your program in less than ten minutes, manage it from your podcaster dashboard, and let us handle technical support.

How Glow works

Step 1:  Listeners become members

Listeners hear about the program and visit your membership page.  Two taps later, and they are members.

Your brand is in the spotlight the whole time, not ours. Using our self-service page builder, you customize the page, include your cover art or custom hero image, and design your program how would like.

You have a lot of flexibility on how to design your program, including:

Our Stripe integration offers best-in-breed management of payment processing, including smart retries when recurring subscriptions fail. We offer seamless checkout using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Step 2:  Listeners receive access to exclusive content

After subscribing, Glow creates an individual private feed for that listener.  As long as that listener remains a subscriber, they continue to get access to new content. With two simple taps, listeners can add this private feed to most any podcast app.  With our seamless experience, listeners need not copy RSS feeds and figure out where to paste them.

Because Glow private feeds can work nearly anywhere, you can go where your listeners already are, without requiring them to download new apps.  You manage a single program across all apps.Private feeds allow us to monitor feed access and ensure that only active subscribers can access your content.

Step 3:  Listeners can receive access to other benefits

Glow can integrate with many other tools to enable you to provide other benefits to your members, such as members-only newletters, access to a private community, or group coaching

Members Only Newsletters

Access to Private Community


Exclusive Video


Group Coaching Calls

Learn more about these benefits as part of our Glow Beyond Audio program.

Secure, private podcast hosting

Not all hosts are made the same. Glow’s secure, private hosting is built for member-only access to podcasts.

Most hosts are created to make your audio easily shareable. When you upload your content, the hosting service generates a URL that can be found on the open web and often by Google. When you upload your content to Glow’s hosting service, it’s not accessible by anyone except your members. 

"Glow has given me an innovative opportunity to connect with my fans. After experimenting with multiple apps, I am thrilled to have found a platform which is easy for my team and me to use and gives my listeners a seamless podcast experience."

Allison Melody
Host of Food Heals


Does Glow require listeners to download a new app?

No. Listeners can pay you and listen to premium content wherever they like to listen. Glow works with major podcast players, including Apple Podcasts, Overcast, and Pocket Casts.

Can someone share my private feed?

They can, but they’d have to try really hard. We monitor for feed piracy to make sure your private content doesn't get into the hands of people who didn't pay for it.

I’m interested, but don’t know where to start.

Once you create an account, someone from our team will reach out to you to answer questions and help you brainstorm your membership.

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