Thank you for supporting Podapalooza!

Podapalooza was held last weekend and featured contributions from 100+ podcasters. Check out the feature on Spotify.

You may have read that, just a few weeks ago, we announced Podapalooza, a podcast festival for COVID relief. 

Podapalooza launched the weekend of April 25 - 26, in partnership with 100+ other podcasters who showcased their work for the event - both through their podcasts and through live events.  Highlights included:

  • Exclusive episodes from Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway’s PIVOT, The NoSleep Podcast, Techmeme Ride Home, and Sleep With Me.
  • 13 live events, including a story slam with 6 talented storytellers,  an AMA  healthcare expert Andy Slavitt,  a conversation between activists DeRay McKesson and Sinead Burke, and live shows and listening parties with Morning Brew, the Acquired Podcast, and Fable & Folly.
  • Early glimpses at new content, including the world premiere of the series “Who Was Prince?” and “How to Talk to Mami and Papi” and early access to an episode of WorkLife with Adam Grant.

You can check it all out at 

We're proud to announce that collectively, we've raised over $21,000. These funds will support GiveDirectly's efforts to help families struggling with the economic impacts of COVID-19. 

We can't say it enough times: thank you to all the podcasters and partners who participated in this journey with us,, and for supporting the cause. The festival lives on in our podcast players, and we're keeping fundraising open. 
If you want to discover some new podcasts while supporting a good cause, check out Podapalooza.

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