Announcing Podapalooza: A Virtual Podcast Festival for COVID Relief

Podapalooza is a podcast festival for COVID relief. Think Live Aid, but at home in your sweatpants. And, for podcasts.

For the last three weeks, our team at Glow has been cooking up a project alongside some friends in the podcasting community and a nonprofit called GiveDirectly. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to find a way to make a positive contribution in the context of something we all love, podcasts. Today, we’re ready to announce that project — and invite you to buy a ticket.

It’s a virtual podcast festival we’re calling Podapalooza, and it’s happening April 25–26.

Think Live Aid, but at home, in your sweatpants, listening to podcasts.

When you buy a ticket, you will get a lineup and schedule in your inbox, and — over the course of festival weekend — new acts will drop in your Podapalooza podcast for you to listen to in the moment or whenever you have time. Come for the shows you love, and you may just discover your new favorite.

The money will go to GiveDirectly’s COVID-19 response, an initiative that’s providing cash payments to vulnerable households in the areas hardest hit by the pandemic.

Like so much happening right now, Podapalooza is an experiment. Three weeks ago, it was a sketch on a piece of paper, then an idea that we texted to some podcaster friends. Now, it’s a project that over 100 podcasters and members of the community are contributing their voices, resources, and marketing chops to.

Podcasters know that presenting an idea to the world is a scary thing. We’re grateful for the people who heard the idea and enthusiastically jumped in to build it into a reality.

Here’s to collectively making a difference in the lives of a lot of people struggling right now.

To buy a ticket for Podapalooza, head to

If you’d like to help or contribute to the effort, email us.

With love and podcasts,

Amira, Brian, Danny, Harley, Mack, and Tara from Glow

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