We’re making it free for podcasters to collect listener support

This August at Podcast Movement, we asked podcasters what they would do with more money for their podcast.

We are no longer charging to process payments at Glow.

Starting today, if you use Glow only to collect listener support, you will pay credit card processing fees, and nothing more. 

Podcasts make our lives better. They encourage us to engage deeply and thoughtfully with the topic at hand, and create a platform for voices and ideas that are often overlooked. They catch us at times when we have hours — not seconds — to listen, to learn, and to reflect.

If you’re a podcaster, you’re creating immense value for your listeners. Despite that, most of you are still paying to podcast. As a podcaster, I’ve been there. I’ve stayed up way too late transcribing tape and pouring over last-minute script tweaks, while also wondering how to pay for everything.

A lot of your listeners love what you make and want to see more of it. They want you to succeed, and are willing to contribute their hard-earned money to help you keep going. I know that it’s hard to ask for that support, because I’ve been there too. I’ve felt the nervousness that comes with asking my audience to support my work — and then the rush of a new email alerting me that someone took money out of their pocket because they believed what I made was valuable. 

We want every podcaster to feel that rush, to connect with that listener, and to feel just a little more freedom and confidence to keep creating content.

Glow is here for you as you build your podcast business, and that starts with making listener support drop-dead simple and as free as we can make it. If you want to get started with launching your listener support page, you can do that here.

How do we make money? By growing with you. When you’re ready to take your membership program to the next level, we’ve built the world’s easiest and most flexible way to offer exclusive content to your listeners. You can read about how we do that and how we charge for that here.

We will continue to build tools to help you build your business sky high, and on your terms. We believe in a future where podcasting thrives because tens of thousands are creators are thriving with it. 

No matter your reach today — whether you have 200 listeners or 2 million — we want to be your partner in growing and engaging your audience, contributing to the world of quality content we need.

-- Amira Valliani, Co-Founder and CEO

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