Announced as a Spotify Open Access Partner

Glow and Libsyn could not be more excited to be announced as a partner leveraging the new Spotify Open Access Platform (OAP). You can read the official announcement from Spotify, but we’re also sharing some highlights below!

Many of you have requested that Glow subscriptions be accessible on Spotify. In the past, access has not been an option provided by Spotify to third-party content subscription platforms like Glow. This announcement changes all that! The partnership with Spotify Open Access is the first step towards making subscriptions accessible in a way that maintains YOUR relationship with your audience.

From the Spotify Announcement

Spotify Open Access is a first-of-its-kind offering in the audio industry, broadening distribution for creators who offer paid content. The system enables creators with existing paid content businesses to activate their customers on Spotify, and allows Spotify users to unlock and listen to content they paid for via third party services: for example, publications with paywalled content or licensed audiobook providers.

Spotify Open Access brings an expanded opportunity for our creators to offer premium audio subscriptions on a platform that serves 356m users, including 158m subscribers, across 178 markets. This partnership furthers the mission of the Glow platform to provide the best opportunities for podcasters to turn their work into a sustainable business.

How will revenue share and access work?

The most exciting part of this partnership and integration is that it is intended to allow your listeners to hear your paid subscription content on Spotify using their current Glow login access and payment. Furthermore, Spotify is not taking a revenue share of subscriptions validated through Open Access. That is a lot of good news for Glow customers and all creators with established subscriptions and audiences.

What can you tell your audience/subscribers?

Nothing just yet! It is hard to keep exciting news like this to yourself, but it's still too early in the integration process to share details.

Can you request to be included in Spotify Open Access?

This announcement is just the beginning. Our teams have some exciting collaboration ahead with Spotify. More details will come, and we will be sure to let you know once the integration is complete and Spotify begins accepting shows!

If you want to start using Glow, you can complete this form, and we will follow up with you.

We hope you are as excited as we are to see where the Spotify Open Access partnership will take you in your goal to make a living podcasting. All we can say is that on the horizon is an expanded ability to live off your creative work and deliver content paid or free on the best available listening platforms.

We know you have been asking for this, and Libsyn is excited to power what comes next from Glow!

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