In 2017, our CEO Amira created Backyard Cambridge, a podcast about the City Council election in her then-home, Cambridge, Massachusetts. She interviewed the candidates, produced the episodes, and built a small audience. When fans told her she wanted more, she developed a business plan for how to turn Backyard Cambridge into a subscription-based local news service. She took the plunge and started building a local news startup, but then ran into a problem: she didn’t have an easy way for her listeners to pay her for the content.

She had the content, she had the audience, she had the plan. But, she didn’t have the tools to bring her dream to life.

And so, Glow was born.

Our mission is at Glow is to create a world where content realizes its value. We believe people who create great content should get rewarded for their work, and should be able to focus their time and effort into making more of it. We do that by making it easy for podcasts to grow by earning revenue directly from their listeners.

Creating a great podcast is hard enough. We want to make everything else simple for you.

Have ideas for how we could make your life easier as a podcast?

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