We’re so glad that you have put your trust in Glow to grow your listener support or membership program. If you have an existing account with Patreon, follow these best practices for migrating your subscribers to Glow.

These directions apply to you whether you’re creating a membership with exclusive content or just collecting listener support without distributing a private feed.

Some of the following steps require a hand from our Podcast Success team here at Glow, whom you can contact at hello@glow.fm

Step-by-step guide to migrating Patreon subscribers to Glow:

Step 1: Design your program with Glow.

Step 2: Change your Glow program a 30-day free trial. 

As you direct your current subscribers on Patreon to sign up on your Glow page, setting your Glow page as a 30-day free trial ensures that your existing subscribers on a monthly plan will not be charged more than once during a month.

You must contact hello@glow.fm to make this change. 

Step 3: Pause your Patreon account. 

Your subscribers will not be charged while their program is paused. However by pausing your Patreon account you will be able to resume later without losing subscribers if needed.

Step 4: Download a list of your Patreon subscribers, and email the list of emails to hello@glow.fm.

Step 5: Announce your new Glow program to your subscribers via email.

Here are a few pointers for how to compose this email so that your subscr

  • First and most importantly, link to your glow page
  • Set a one-month deadline to switching
  • Explain that you’re switching from Patreon to Glow
  • List the benefits of subscribing to your membership

Here’s an example email to existing subscribers for a premium content membership:

Greetings amazing {Podcast Name} supporter:

We have a bit of quick but important housekeeping at {Podcast Name}.

We are switching the home of our {Listener Support Program/ Membership Program} from Patreon to Glow.

Why the switch? By maintaining your member status on our new Glow page, you’ll automatically get all of our bonus content right in your preferred podcast player. You won’t need to go anywhere else. 

Okay, this next part is important:

Go to {Glow URL} to switch to our new subscription.

Make sure you do this by {One-month Deadline} so that you’ll continue to receive your bonus episodes. We’re shutting off our Patreon program in one month.

And don’t worry, you won’t be charged twice. You’ll be enrolled in a 30-day free trial when you sign up with Glow so that your next payment will be at least one month after your most recent.

As a reminder, here’s the amazing content you’ll continue to get access to by completing the switchover to Glow:

{Description of your membership benefits}

Thanks so much,


Step 6: Glow will send your Patreon subscribers a reminder email to each week for four weeks. There's no action required on your end.

Step 7: Transition from Patreon to Glow

One month after pausing your Patreon program and announcing the switchover to your subscribers, you have three options for how to procees:

  • Delete your Patreon account
  • Keep your Patreon account paused; nothing will change
  • Use Patreon and Glow simultaneously. This option allows you to continue collecting monthly payments from Patreon subscribers that have not yet migrated to Glow. To do this, manually unsubscribe the members who have switched to Glow from your Patreon membership and un-pause Patreon. As more of your Patreon subscribers switch to Glow after the first month, we will notify you so that you can manually unsubscribe them from Patreon.