You might want to start a podcast, but only want it to be available exclusively to a certain group of people. In this case, you can use Glow to distribute a private podcast. 

A private podcast is just like any other podcast, except that it is only distributed to an exclusive set of people. Private podcasts are a great way for podcast creators to deepen connections within an existing community and tailor their message to a specific group of people. Additionally, private podcasts can be both free to users or require a membership charge depending on the podcast itself and its users. Here are some uses of a private podcast:

  • Employee-only private podcast: Companies can use private podcasts to deepen a set of community employees and help senior executives communicate directly with other employees. 
  • Political Campaigns: A political campaign might use a private podcast shared amongst its staffers to detail the candidate’s beliefs, policy positions, and experience on the campaign trail to the rest of the organization.
  • Coaching: If you’re an executive coach or a trainer, a private podcast is a common way to keep in touch with your clients and scale your impact beyond one-on-one time. 
  • Course creators: Use a private podcast to help your students continue to engage with your coursework when they’re not in class or in front of a screen
  • Private Podcasts as a Complement to Existing Membership: Giving your group access to a private podcast would be a great way to further stitch the group together and open up a whole new path of communication and engagement between everyone shared on the private podcast feed. Here, a paid private podcast would factor into a member’s dues payments and help the creator to identify their most enthusiastic members.

These are just some - but definitely not all - of the ways that the Glow team has seen private podcasts be successful for both their creators and their intended membership audience. 

How your audience will access a private podcast

Using Glow, you can distribute a private podcast to your audience on their favorite podcast player--instead of asking them to download something new. Here are some of the apps you can distribute your private podcast in:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Pocketcasts
  • Overcast
  • Downcast
  • Castro

Here’s how it’ll work (You can also try it out yourself here)

Step 1: 

Follow the link above to Glow’s Exclusive Daily Podcast. Once there, click the “Sign Up Now” button at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: 

After clicking sign-up now, you’ll directed to a list of podcast players. Choose the one where you want to listen. 

Step 3: 

You’ll see the exclusive podcast in your podcast player of choice. Below, we’ve selected Apple Podcasts. This private podcast is available to you, but not searchable in the iTunes directly--it’s only for members.