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"I love that Glow makes it so easy for the podcaster, but more importantly, it's the fastest and easiest way for listeners to sign up and support the show consistently. Highly recommend!"

Erica Mandy
Founder and host of The NewsWorthy

"The direct relationship between artists and their fans is more important than it’s ever been. Five years from now, people are going to be earning annuities off of podcast content, and Glow is going to help make that happen."

Musical Artist, Investor

As Seen In

Case Study

4.5% of the Acquired podcast’s listeners pay for premium content using Glow

About Acquired
Every company has a story. Acquired goes behind the scenes of the biggest tech IPOs and acquisitions of all time.

David Rosenthal & Ben Gilbert

Acquired releases 2 bonus episodes per month through its subscription program.

per year

Acquired makes $35k annually using Glow, with 15k listeners for their regular show (that's on top of their existing revenue from ads).

more revenue per listener

Acquired now has a two-way relationship with their biggest fans and sends personalized notes to every new premium subscriber.

Why we're better for podcasters

Really Simple Signup

Listeners subscribe without creating a password or copying an RSS feed.

No New Apps

Listeners can pay and listen in almost every podcast app.


Your brand is in the spotlight.  Glow was built by podcasters specifically for podcasters.

Use Glow to...

Offer Bonus or Exclusive Content to Your Fans

Founders uses Glow to offer two additional episodes every month, where the host does deep dives into the stories of great founders.

Monetize Ad-free and Episode Archives

Twenty Thousand Hertz uses Glow to give fans access to their entire back catalog and the chance to listen to all future episodes ad-free.

Collect Listener Support

Dig In with Zack Woods aims to empower hospitality entrepreneurs to take back the power of their narrative. Zack uses Glow to power his "The Utensil Fund" program, where listeners pay monthly to support his show.

Provide Podcasts to Existing Subscribers

Money for the Rest of Us uses Glow to offer podcast access to their community of subscribers.

How will you Glow?

Use Glow to offer myriad types of premium content that your listeners will love.

Behind the Curtain

Unstructured chats about topics you don't cover on the regular show.


Collect questions from your listeners and answer them through a private show.

Inside the Studio

Develop mini-episodes where you give fans access to how the machine behind your show works.

Breaking Updates

A true crime show's listeners could get real-time updates when there's an update on the case.

Support a Cause

Use Glow to collect contributions for a cause you care about.  

Release Music

Own the relationship with your fans through a direct channel. Offer up limited release mixes, b-sides, or covers.

Limited-run Series or Audiobook

If you have 10-episodes worth of special content that doesn't fit in the regular show, give your fans the option of paying for it.

Special Guests

Do you interview people who are interesting, but not necessarily famous? Your tribe will love access to nuanced topics that may be too niche for your regular listeners.

Training Programs or Courses

Provide your listeners with content that helps them learn and develop new skills.  Examples include athletic training programs, language training programs, sales training programs, or self-improvement courses.

We're creators building for creators

Glow was born out of our CEO’s dream to build a business out of her local news podcast.

In 2017, our CEO Amira created Backyard Cambridge, a podcast about the City Council election in her then-home, Cambridge, Massachusetts. She interviewed the candidates, produced the episodes, and built a small audience. When fans told her she wanted more, she developed a business plan for how to turn Backyard Cambridge into a subscription-based local news service. She took the plunge and started building a local news startup, but then ran into a problem: she didn’t have an easy way for her listeners to pay her for the content.

She had the content, she had the audience, she had the plan. But, she didn’t have the tools to bring her dream to life.

And so, Glow was born.

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